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Core Strategy
6_SD3_DLCS10_Steel, Chemical and Port Related Industries
6_SD3_DLCS18_Town District and Local Centres
6_SD3_DLCS22_Protecting and Enhancing the Boroughs Landscape Tees Forest
6_SD3_DLCS23 b_Green Infrastructure Green Wedges
6_SD3_DLCS24 a_Biodiversity and Geological Conservation SPA
6_SD3_DLCS24 b_Biodiversity and Geological Conservation LNR
6_SD3_DLCS24 b_Biodiversity and Geological Conservation RIGS
6_SD3_DLCS24 b_Biodiversity and Geological Conservation SNCI
6_SD3_DLCS24 b_Biodiversity and Geological Conservation SSSI
6_SD3_DLCS24 c_Biodiversity and Geological Conservation Wildlife Corridors
6_SD3_DLCS25 a_Built and Historic Environment Conservation Areas
6_SD3_DLCS25 e_Built and Historic Environment Historic Landscape Eston Hills
6_SD3_DLCS9_Protecting Employment Areas

Development Policies
6_SD3_DLDP11_Archaeological Sites and Monuments Scheduled Monuments
6_SD3_DLDP1_Development Limits
6_SD3_DLDP8_Heritage Coast
6_SD3_DLDP9_Conservation Areas

Local Plan Saved
6_SD3_DLPolicy T9_Rail Halt at the Ings
6_SD3_DLPolicy T15_New Pedestrian Route
6_SD3_DLPolicy T16_Proposed Cycle Routes
6_SD3_DLPolicy TO5_Cleveland Way and Teesdale Way Long Distance Footpaths
6_SD3_DLPolicy H1_Housing Allocations
6_SD3_DLPolicy IND3_General Industry, Business and Warehousing
6_SD3_DLPolicy L4_New Recreational Areas
6_SD3_DLPolicy L6_Major Leisure and Housing Development at Majuba Road, Redcar
6_SD3_DLPolicy SH3_Prime Shopping Area
6_SD3_DLPolicy SH1_Prime Shopping Area in Redcar Town Centre
6_SD3_DLPolicy SH8_Food and Drink Uses in Late Opening Zone, Redcar
6_SD3_DLPolicy SH9_Amusement Centres in Redcar and Saltburn
boundaryLDF Boundary