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Your Education

TeacherSchool is a place where you get a good education to help you in the future as well as meeting your friends and when you come into care this doesn't have to change. We will always try to keep you in your school if you want to stay there. We will provide transport for you to get to and from school so you can continue with your education.

There might be times when staying at your school isn't possible but we will always discuss this with you and talk to you about why this is.

A designated Teacher? What's one of those?

Every child in care must have a Personal Education Plan (or PEP for short) and every school has a named teacher that helps to make sure you are getting the best possible education. This person will let you know who they are. They will keep in touch with you as much as possible to make sure everything is ok for you at school.

Your Personal Education Plan

You will have a meeting with the designated teacher to look at your PEP and talk about your education and what you need to help you in school.

Don't be shy! Tell them what you are good at, what you need help with and talk about any problems you are having in school. The PEP is there to help you get the best education you can (you deserve it) and to enjoy your school life as much as possible.

If you have any more questions about your PEP or your named (designated) teacher, give Lynn Strachan (Manager for the Education of Looked after Children) a call on 01642 444312.