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Care Plans

Character model What is a Care Plan?

All children and young people in care and looked after by Redcar & Cleveland Council will have a care plan.

This plan is about how Children's Social Care can best look after you and make sure that everyone who has a responsibility for doing this knows what they have to do to make sure your plan works.

What is in my Care plan?

Your care plan will have in it:
  • The reasons why you are in care
  • Your Education
  • Your Health
  • Information about your race, culture, language, religion
  • How you will keep in touch with your family

When should a care plan be made?

Your care plan should be made before you move out of your home. Sometimes this may not be possible for a number of reasons. However, it will be completed soon after you become a child in care.

Who makes the Care Plan?

Lots of people can be involved in making your Care Plan and that includes YOU. It is your Care Plan!

Other people involved will be:
  • Your Social Worker
  • Your Parents or Carers
  • Your Foster Carers or Residential Social Worker
Other people like your teacher and close relatives might be involved too.

You will be asked to sign your Care Plan to show that you agree with it.

Can my Care Plan be changed?

Yes it can. Your plan will be reviewed by an Independent Reviewing Officer, IRO for short. If you or anyone who has helped write your Care Plan wishes to make any changes then these will be discussed at your review and if agreed, will be changed.

It is important you are happy with YOUR CARE PLAN because it is yours.

If you want any more information about Care Plans contact the Communications Manager on 01642 771500 Typetalk: 1800 01642 771500 or email at

What if I'm not happy with it?

If you are unhappy about something in your Care Plan, you can talk to your Social Worker, someone at school like your teacher or support worker or someone else you trust who can help to get it sorted. They can help you to sort out the problem or it might be that they can help you to make the complaint or do this on your behalf. This person is sometimes called an advocate.

If it doesn't get sorted, other ways you can complain are:

To the Complaints Officer on 01642 771500 Typetalk: 18001 01642 771500 fax: 01642 771670 or email at
By filling in a complaints form

You can ask for someone else to do this on your behalf if you don't feel you can make the complaint yourself. This person is called an advocate, The National Youth Advocacy Service can help you their number is 0800 61 61 01 or you can email them at

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