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Child Held Files

Character model Did you know that Children's Social Services keep information about you when you are in care?

You need a file so that you have a record of your time spent with Children's Social Care Services.

This is Your File!

Part of the work of the people who look after you is to make sure you have as much information about your stay in care as possible.

Here is some information about your file. Ask your Social Worker about it.

What is my File?
  • Your Care Plan and your future plans.
  • Why your plan might have been changed.
  • Different places you have been and things you have done.
  • Different people you have known.

What does my File look like?

There are separate parts to it where you can keep any information about yourself in it, the plans that have been made with you for you.

This file is YOURS to keep. You can decorate the cover if you want.

Any written information you are given will be a photocopy. The original copy will be kept on your main file. If you want to see your main file, talk to your Social Worker about this and they will explain what you need to do.

Who will help put my File together?

This is up to you! In your first Child in Care Review, you will be asked who would like to help you. You might choose your Carer or you might choose someone else who is working with you. It really is up to you.

MY FILE! What could I put in it then?

It really is up to you what you want to put in, here are some suggestions to get you started in case you're a bit stuck:
  • Information about your family
  • Details of where you're living, for example your foster home or children's home
  • Phone numbers and addresses of people you might want or need to contact
  • Details of where you have lived in the past and why you moved
  • Leaflets and information guides
  • A copy of 'Getting it Sorted' The complaints and compliments procedure
  • A copy of your Care plan
  • Any photographs, letters, holidays souvenir, birthday cards that you want to keep safe
  • Information from your parents such as birth certificate or photos
  • Information about Leaving Care, and your Pathway Plan

School stuff
  • Your school or college and the one's you have been to in the past or will be going to in the future
  • School reports, certificates and records of achievement
  • School or college prospectus or brochure

Your Health information
  • Medical Card
  • Your Child in Care Medical report and contact for the child in care nurse
  • Contacts for those involved in looking after your health: your dentist, doctor, optician
  • C Card
  • Records of your height and weight with dates

Can you think of anything else?

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