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Looked after Children Council

Character model We are the Looked After Children Council: Speak Up, Be Heard, Have Your Say, and Have Your Say +, our groups are made up of looked after children, young people, and care leavers who meet monthly to talk about the topics, themes and any issues that matter to all looked after children and care leavers.

We feel it is important that looked after children, young people and care leavers feel valued, are treated with respect and have an opportunity to have their voices heard.

This website is currently being developed by the Looked After Children's Council. If you have any comments on how we could make the site better or have any suggestions on the type of things the looked after children's council group should discuss at their meetings please let us know by getting in touch.

We have created this website for you with lots of information on it. In our section we have put in what we think about being in care. Look in the What it's Like part of here.

If you can't find something you want to know ask your Social Worker to let us know.

In 2016 the Looked After Children's Council reviewed and updated the council's promises to looked after children and care leavers. These promises can be seen in the attachment below.

We meet monthly and if you are interested in joining contact us here online, or get in touch with:

Richard Gerrard
Accommodation and Development Officer
Telephone: 07966639031