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Leaving Care

Leaving Care is a decision that you make, no-one will force you to leave care if you don't want to. When you are old enough and think you are ready to move out of care there is support available to help you make a successful transition to adulthood.

In Redcar & Cleveland there is a Leaving Care Team called TARGET who can help you, TARGET provide a leaving care service for young people that are in care or preparing to leave care you will meet your TARGET personal advisor when you are 16.
Pathway Plan

By the time you are 16 years old you should have a Pathway Plan in place. This is a plan that details how TARGET will support you to leave care in a planned way that is best for you. It will include things like where you will live, your health, education, work, training, money, leisure and personal support. Your Social Worker and TARGET will help you with this.

Other websites that might be useful.

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