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Who's who

Character model There are lots of people in the Council who help support children and young people in care and it's tricky to know who everyone is, especially when you've not met them.

Below are some people who are involved in your care.

Amanda Skelton Chief Executive
Main Duties: Making sure that everyone at Redcar & Cleveland Council keeps our pledge to Children in Care
Likes: Walking in the countryside, sailing boats, buying new shoes
Favourites: Fish and Chips, Lemon Tops, the view from Roseberry Topping

Barbara Shaw Director of Adult and Children's Services
Main Duties: Overall responsibility of services for adults and children.
Likes: going on holiday with my family and visiting new places.
Favourite Food: warm crusty bread, with butter and a selection of cheese!

Chris Daniel - Acting Head of Children's Services
Main Duties:
Favourite Food:

Dot Peacock (Dorothy is my 'Sunday' name ha ha) P.A. (Personal Assistant)
Main Duties: Undertaking all the necessary admin tasks to ensure Barbara (Shaw) completes her duties on time and efficiently!!
Likes: Spending time with family, especially new addition to family, my grandson named Indie.
Favourite T.V: Gok Wan would love to meet him and get some fashion make over advice etc etc. Also love going to the cinema - the new
3D films are fantastic.

Councillor Joan Guy Cabinet member for Children's Services and Education
Main Duties: Supporting and promoting the corporate parenting role; ensuring young people in care have equality of access to opportunity

Sharon McBride Children in Care Manager
Main Duties: Responsible for the services in Fostering, Permanency, Children in Care and Leaving Care.
Likes: The colour yellow; beautiful sunrise and sunsets; TV; walking; holidays.
Favourite: Reading

Denise Allan Team Manager
Main Duties:I manage a busy team of six social workers who are responsible for visiting children in care. I make sure that the plans for young people meet their needs and that all children feel safe and secure in their placements.
likes....the lake district, taking my spaniel for walks and shopping!

Debbie Harrison - Fostering Team Manager
Main Duties: Managing the Fostering Service to make sure we have enough foster carers who match well with the children and young people who need them. Also to make sure that foster carers are trained and supported to understand and meet the needs of the children and young people who live with them.
Likes: dogs, especially Labradors!
Favourite TV shows: The Apprentice, Downton Abbey and musicals like Grease! I also love reading books and listening to music!
Fiona MacNaughton - Permanency Team Manager Main Duties: I'm responsible for adoption, long term fostering & special guardianship support services.
Likes: Travelling, music festivals/concerts.
Favourite Food: Chocolate & any cake!
Favourite TV Programmes: Science Fiction
Joanne Stoddart - Acting Review and Inspection Unit Manager
Main Duties: Manage the Review and Inspection Unit which is responsible for facilitating Child Protection Conferences, LAC reviews, undertaking stage 2 complaints, and also lead on quality assurance and inspection processes.
Likes: Spending time at my allotment, travelling, walking on the hills, sitting on the back of a Ducati with my husband riding around the country and Europe.
Favourite Food: Italian (love tomatoes, basil, garlic&)
Favourite TV Programme: True Blood!

Lynn Strachan Manager for the Education of Looked after Children
Main Duties: Promoting the educational achievement of children and young people in care so they gain the very best they can from their education.
Likes: My new favourite hobby is keeping 4 hens in my back garden.
Favourite Food: Fresh eggs for breakfast! (but not chicken!)

Gill Halls Designated Nurse for Children in Care & Care Leavers, Redcar & Cleveland
Main Duties: I organise & coordinate the statutory health reviews for children in care. I am available all year round to give help & advice on health, not only to children & young people, but also those who care for them.
Likes: BBQs, parties & country walks
Favourite things: dogs/ flowers / ice cream - though not all at the same time

Ali Wheatley Team Manager TARGET Leaving Care Team Main Duties: Ensuring that TARGET continues to offer a great service to our young people, attend meetings and make decisions.
Likes: I love food, being with friends, going out for meals, keeping fit and watching reality tv programmes
Favourites: tv programme X Factor with Big Brother a very close second. Singer I like loads of different singers it really depends on the record. Band Again it depends on whether I like the song but I do like new bands around like The Saturdays and JLS. Food Nearly everything in particular roast dinners, buffet food and fish n chips

Lauren Drinkhall - Young Person Support Worker
Main Duties: The lead support worker for the Children in Care Council -  Speak Up, Be Heard and Have Your Say. I also work for TARGET Leaving Care Team consulting with young people, organising activities and running the cookery group - Come for Tea with TARGET and fitness group - Lets Get Physical.
Likes: I like dancing (I also teach dance), i enjoy spending time with friends, shopping and eating lots of food haha!
Favourite Singer: BEYONCE!!!!!!!

Stephen Hutt Fostering Support Worker
Main Duties:are to provide direct work with looked after children to:
" Maintain placement stability.
" Develop skills, interests and links in the community.
" Provide a supportive and safe adult on a regular one to one basis.
" Build confidence and self-esteem.
" Promote improving relationships between the child and their carer.
Likes: spending time with my family, especially playing with my kids; playing or watching football; exercise; films; and socialising with my friends.
Favourite Films: action, futuristic or sci-fi i.e. Taken, Mission Impossible, The Matrix, Minority Report, Alien etc.

Laura Wedgewood- Young Persons Support Worker
Main Duties: My main role is to support young people who are living in care and work towards the prevention of placements breaking down. I am also involved in a range of other things such as sports sessions for young people in care and support groups for the sons and daughters of foster carers.
Likes: Irn bru, going to gigs, being outdoors, spending time with friends and family and working!
Favourite Films: Favourite film ever is The Green Mile and I love every single Batman film.