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My Review

Character model What is a Review?

A review is a meeting that takes place to look at the care you have been getting. These meetings are important because this is how we check you are getting the right support and care. The first meeting will be held within 1 month, then within the next 3 months and then at gaps of no more than 6 months.

Your Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) will see you before your review. There is also a computer survey called Viewpoint that you will be asked to do before your review.

Below are some pages you might want to fill in before you go to your review.

You can write on it all the things you might want to talk about or share at your review. Ask your IRO to photocopy it to keep as a record. These are also something you can have shared at your review if you don't want to be there.

There is also a form you can fill in after your review meeting to tell us how it was for you. This will help us change things if it wasn't right.

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