160 candidates for Borough Council election

Published: 3rd May 2007

Please note this is an archived Press Release

REDCAR & Cleveland Borough Council has received 160 nominations from 85 men and 75 women for the Borough's 59 seats in 22 wards at the Thursday, May 3 poll.

There will be at least seven new names on the Council following the decisions by Christopher Beadle (Eston), Keith Blott (West Dyke), Bill Goodwill (St Germains), Barbara Harpham (Saltburn), Keith Pudney (Guisborough), Alma Thrower (Westworth) and David Tomlin (Normanby) not to seek re-election.

The current state of the parties is: Labour 22, Lib Dem 16, Conservative 13, East Cleveland Independent 2, the Independent Group 5 and one independent.

The full list of nominations is:

*denotes sitting councillor – though not necessarily in own ward

Key: BNP – British National Party, Con – Conservative, Ind – Independent, Lab – Labour, Lib Dem – Liberal Democrat.

Brotton (3): George Bolton (Con), *Brian Hogg (Lab), *Val Miller (Lib Dem), Andrew Morgan (Con), Norma Morris (Lib Dem), Richard Rudland (Lab), Peter Scott (Lab), Christine Swales (Ind), *Kay Walker (Lib Dem).

Coatham (2): Theresa Cave (Lab), *Josie Crawford (Lib Dem), *Irene Curr (Lib Dem), Edward Dolan (Ind), Paul Harrison (BNP), David Taylerson (Con), *Peter Todd (Lab), Jimmy Willis (Ind).

Dormanstown (3): Stuart Bell (Con), *Vilma Collins (Lab), John Curr (Lib Dem), Ray Goddard (Lab), Derek Grimshaw (Lib Dem), *Cliff Houlding (Lab), Marjorie Paskin (Lib Dem).

Eston (3): Liz Beadle (Ind), Wayne Burdett (BNP), Colin Crawford (Lib Dem), Beryl Dunning (Lab), *Ann Higgins (Ind), Russell Hutchinson (Con), Olwyn Peters (Lab), John Simms (Lab), Carol Smith (Lib Dem), *Vincent Smith (Ind), Pat Todd (Lib Dem).

Grangetown (2): Arthur Clarke (Lib Dem), Angela Draper (Lib Dem), *Peter Dunlop (Lab), *Lynn Pallister (Lab).

Guisborough (3): *Denise Bunn (Lab), Judith Carter (Lib Dem), *Bill Clarke (Con), *Ann Franklin (Con), Brian Gent (Con), Joe Keenan (Lab), Bill Suthers (Lab).

Hutton (3): *Valerie Halton (Con), Shelagh Holyoake (Lab), *Graham Jeffery (Con), *Peter Spencer (Con).

Kirkleatham (3): Joy Bishop (Con), *Norman Davies (Lab), *Brenda Forster (Lab), *Mark Hannon (Lab), Carol Johnson (Lib Dem), Alan Langner (Lib Dem), Ann Plummer (Lib Dem).

Lockwood (1): Joan Bolton (Con), Peter Briggs (Lab), *Steve Kay (East Cleveland Ind ).

Loftus (3): Stephanie Aplin-Wakefield (Loftus Ind), Jennifer Bell (Con), Linda Bell (Ind), Mary Dadd (Con), Wayne Davies (Ind), Gerry Dickinson (Lab), *Dave Fitzpatrick (Loftus Ind), Allan Greening (Lab), *Eric Jackson (Lab), *Mary Lanigan (Ind), Roger Lings (Loftus Ind).

Longbeck (3): Norman Brown (Ind), Norman Kinghorn Brown (Lib Dem), Susan Cleary (Lab), *Norah Cooney (Con), *Mike Findley (Ind), Vic Jeffries (Lab), *Vera Moody (Con), Victoria Reyer (Lib Dem), Vera Rider (Con), Denis Sewell (Lab), Pat Swales (Lib Dem), John Wilkinson (Ind).

Newcomen (2): *Chris Abbott (Lib Dem), *Glynis Abbott (Lib Dem), Chris McGlade (Ind), Judith Petite (Con), Anthony Senior (Lab), Rachel Woolley (Ind).

Normanby (3): Steven Abbott (Lib Dem), Billy Ayre (Lab), Gillian Dadd (Con), Paul Jackson (Con), Amanda Proud (Lib Dem), *Carole Simms (Lab), *Wendy Wall (Lab), Ann Wilson (Lib Dem).

Ormesby (3): *Eric Empson (Lib Dem), Marian Fairley (Lab), *Glyn Nightingale (Lib Dem), *Irene Nightingale (Lib Dem), Jacqueline Watson (Con).

St Germains (3): Deborah Dowson (Lib Dem), Ray Hensby (Lab), Craig Laskey (Lab), John Moody (Con), *Madge Moses (Lib Dem), John Rider (Con), *Margaret Wilson (Lib Dem).

Saltburn (3): Tom Blenkinsop (Lab), Joan Guy (Lab), Cyril Hammond (Lab), *John Robinson (Con), *Joan Sands (Con), Philip Thomson (Con).

Skelton (3): *Brian Briggs (Lab), Kevin Broughton (BNP), James Carrolle (Con), Colin Harbinson (Ind), Debbie Harbinson (Ind), Stephanie Hinson (Con), Michael King (Con), *Dave McLuckie (Lab), *Helen McLuckie (Lab).

South Bank (3): Dawn Castle (BNP), Alan Green (Ind), *Pearl Hall (Lab), Dorothy Hutton (Con), *Ian Jeffrey (Lab), Gail Leggett (Lib Dem), Richard Ovens (Lib Dem), Alexandra Stamp (Lib Dem), *Sylvia Szintai (Lab).

Teesville (3): *Sheelagh Clarke (Lab), Sheila Clarke (Lib Dem), Stewart Dadd (Con), Brenda Dale (Lib Dem), *George Dunning (Lab), Helen Hadfield (Lib Dem), Jim Higgins (Ind), *Norman Pickthall (Lab).

West Dyke (3): *Joyce Benbow (Lib Dem), Malcolm Burton (Ind), Mike Carling (Lib Dem), Andrew Gilbey (Con), *Mary Ovens (Lib Dem), Andrew Scott (Lab).

Westworth (2): Tressa Cooper (East Cleveland and Guisborough Ind), Carole Jeffery (Con), Derrick Langley (Con), Jim Marvell (Lab), David Williams (East Cleveland and Guisborough Ind).

Zetland (2): John Hannon (Lib Dem), Norma Hensby (Lab), Roy Myers (Ind), Marilyn Norton (Lab), Paul Smith (Lib Dem), *Bob Stanway (Con), *Jean White (Con), Hazel Willis (Ind).

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