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Public Consultation - Responses

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Public Consultation - Responses

Public consultation on the proposals in the Lighting Strategy took place in March and April 2003. Comments were analysed and taken into consideration. Results of the public consultation can be viewed below.

Approximately 80 comments were received throughout the public consultation period and 60% of people who submitted their comments think that a Lighting and Illumination strategy should be implemented in Redcar and Cleveland. A number of respondents suggested additional sites to be considered for floodlighting and concerns were also expressed about energy conservation and the use of public funds. Full results from the questionnaire are available by clicking the questions below.

Responses to questions
  1. Should floodlighting and image projection works be used in the Tees Valley and Redcar & Cleveland?

  2. Where do you consider floodlighting and image projections could be used to the best advantage in the Tees Valley and Redcar & Cleveland?
  3. Do you consider that schools, colleges and community groups could benefit from such installations as a vehicle for promotion?

  4. What community groups do you consider could benefit from such installations?

  5. Do you consider that floodlighting and image projection works may have any adverse impacts? If so, please list.

  6. Do you consider that, for example, the lighting of stained glass windows should be considered?

  7. What historic buildings or features of the Borough do you consider would benefit from illumination?

  8. Please tell us your home town

  9. What sex are you?

  10. What is your age group?


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