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Welcome to Caedmon Primary School

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Caedmon School Logo

Welcome to Caedmon Primary School's website. We are extremely proud of our school and the children who attend and I hope you enjoy finding out about the work we do here. We update our website frequently and are always appreciative of any suggestions for improvement. If you would like to email me a comment about our website, please do so by emailing

The leadership team, including governors, are ambitious for every pupil in our school. Our current primary aim is for every pupil to make good progress throughout their time at Caedmon, and for the very large majority of pupils to leave our school working at, or above, the level expected for their age. Parents and pupils contributed to establishing the following vision that we believe will ensure we achieve our aim.

Mr. S. McLean - Acting-Headteacher
Aspire Learning Programme


Feeling Safe and Staying Safe

At Caedmon, ensuring the safety of pupils is at the heart of all that we do. We believe our school should be a place where every child feels safe and cared for, where every child can identify an adult in school who they can turn to and where every child learns how to take responsibility for keeping them self as safe as possible.

Expecting Respect and Behaviour that Supports Learning

At Caedmon, we have high expectations of all pupils' behaviour, as we believe this is the foundation for successful learning. We believe that Caedmon should be a fair and just school for every child, with consistent sanctions and rewards for behaviour. Respect is a value we seek to instil in all our pupils and we insist that every child respects others and their school environment.

Teaching to Inspire Learning

At Caedmon, we aim to secure high quality teaching and learning throughout the school. We believe that learning is an active process and aim to engage all our learners in stimulating and imaginative lessons so that every child, no matter their age, race, gender or ability, makes good progress. We aim to provide an exciting curriculum, which is underpinned by the development of essential basic skills, so that all children enjoy learning and leave our school as confident readers and writers, with excellent number skills. We recognise that pupils and their parents also have a responsibility for learning, and expect pupils to work hard in school, and at home, to ensure their success.

Listening and Sharing

At Caedmon, we believe that successful learning depends upon positive relationships and clear communication between parents, pupils and members of staff. We aim to provide a warm welcome and a listening ear to parents' and pupils' views or concerns. We encourage the development of pupils' respect for others views and their ability to work collaboratively with others. We endeavour to encourage our whole school community to contribute to making our school a better place for children to be.

In and Around School

At Caedmon, we believe that the school environment should help to create a culture of learning and a welcoming atmosphere of calm and safety. We believe our pupils deserve the best learning environment we can provide and endeavour to maintain high standards at all times. We expect pupils to respect and appreciate their environment and understand their role in caring for it, for them and for others to enjoy.